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Seven Simple Hacks to Decorate Your Student Dorm Room

Student Dorm Room Decorating Ideas


Decoration is a way to express your mood, likes, and personality in the space that you live in. Dorm rooms don’t have to be dull, bland, and without color. Paint, décor, furniture, and fabric all have a part to play in creating the atmosphere of the room when one walks in.

Decorating your room can be fun and helpful in displaying your creativity and imagination. It, however, doesn’t have to be expensive and intensive as you thought; let’s look at some easy hacks to spruce up your room and add your touch of elegance and style.

“A close look at the inner, you will reflect the external surrounding that you dwell most in,” says Melanie Sovann, an interior design expert who writes at GrabMyEssay and a contributor at Studicus.


Use of Plants


Green is the new black! Bring color into your room with a couple of potted plants. Choose easy to maintain plants; they won’t give you a headache now and then. Plants bring life into a room and having them rids the place of some sterility. Aloe Vera and cactus plants are examples of easy to maintain plants that you can pot.


Knitted Carpets and Area Rugs 


A beautiful colorful throw rug helps bring your space together. Most rooms are dull, cold, and quite bland. However, with the help of a throw rug, a cozy feeling is evoked. Rugs also help in creating comfort, especially when placed next to a bed (no one wants the first thing their bare feet to touch after waking up to be the cold floor).

Being small as they are, they don’t require dry-cleaning hence making them easy to maintain. It’s a bonus that they also absorb sound; therefore, come in handy in dorm rooms where people live close to each other.


Washi Tape for Everything!

Washi tape is quite versatile when it comes to the decoration of a room. It is completely removable and reusable hence has no harm to the existing structure. They also offer a cheap and easy way to engage your creative side in the design of your room. It can be used to create picture frames, crafting removable wallpaper, or wall art of your imagination.

You can use washi tape to add any pattern to your door. It can also be used to make your poster collection look more cohesive. Another easy and neat trick is lining your bookshelves with washi tape. Choosing of the tapes is essential as they add a pop of color; but we would want a discordant look, would we?


Create a Statement Frame Wall

Dorm rooms have quite generic colors such as beige or white; which isn’t at all inspiring. You can, therefore, use photographs, prints, or favorite patterns to fill a blank wall with your personality. Cheap custom artwork can also do the trick. Collect all your photos, and put them all in a large frame to hold all of your memories. This will create a sense of familiarity and hominess.


Light It Up

A string of fairy lights can be vital in cozying up a dorm room by just draping them around the room. You can also draw the eyes to your photos by hanging them alongside twinkle lights. A well-lit room exudes life and warmth. You can also poke holes on a lampshade to project any pattern around the room.


Make Good Use of Custom Bedding


Invest in throw pillows and cushions to make your bed cozier and more comfortable. Be sure to explore the textures, prints, and patterns to create contrast according to your style of choice. Cushions with custom designs and writing bring life into the bed space. You can also customize your bed set with iron-on transfers. They improve boring bedding through the prints, which can be tailored to suit your needs and personality.



Grab some silverware organizers. They can be used in most of the hacks in organizing your dorm room. The compartments can be used to organize drawers or on the table to keep handy items like the phone and keys. You can also use soda tabs. Take the tabs off of the cans and slide them over the tops of hangers, therefore, creating an extra hanger hook in the second hole in the tab. This allows you to fit more hangers into the closet, potentially doubling its capacity.

It is annoying and stressful to scrounge around the floor looking for the ends of laptop or smartphone charger cables. If you feel the same way, this is your lucky day; binder clips come in handy in cable management. Thread the cord through the handles and clip them at the edge of the desk. This makes the place clean and well-organized.

In the end, your creativity will have to play the primary role in your dorm room decoration. Play around with color and reimagine whatever you have in place. “A close look at the inner, you will reflect the external surrounding that you dwell most in.” Make the inner you beautiful and cozy by decorating your dorm room with the above tips.



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