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Fashion Tips For Women 40 & 50


Fashion For Women 40

The 40, valuable time full of experience and wisdom; In addition to a beautiful smile that accompanies you every day.

In this age, you can shine and enhance your image, highlight your body, your style and especially enhance the ELEGANCE that lies with you.

Complying with 40 does not mean that you should ignore the latest trends or try to appear to be less, it means to get your essence afloat and enhance it in a fresh and stylish image.

Here are some tips for every occasion.



The day or casual looks for 40-year-old women focus on giving a FRESH and QUIET appearance, but SOFISTICATED, for that having several patterned or neutral pants and tube or cut A skirts will be an appropriate choice, it is important to keep in mind that they must be in neutral colors that can be combined with different blouses and accessories.

You can wear high or low shoes, the important thing is to highlight your style.

Avoid miniskirts or minishorts, the perfect height will be as far as the knee begins, or 3 fingers above it, which is the professional height, as long as the legs allow. Midi skirts are also an excellent option.



For women in the workplace who already reach the highest point of their professional career, we recommend an ELEGANT look combining neutral colors with prints or bright colors.

This can make the figure really stand out and give a professional appearance.

For traditional style we recommend neutral tones such as white, black, brown, dark blue and gray; For a more creative or modern style, the use of prints and bright colors with more classic clothes to keep a balance.

Remember that the ideal is that at work do not wear bare shoes, always covered will be the best choice. Nor should you wear shirts or top strips.

If you wear skirts you can also include tights to give a touch with height.



Evening dresses should not be too short, as we said before 40 years, ideally use them right on the knee or 3 to 4 fingers above it, although for the night there is a little more freedom than at work above the middle of the thigh can give the impression of wanting to look less.

We recommend wearing dresses in fluid fabrics in classic or printed colors, if you use neutral colors you can give it strength with a striking accessory.

It is also valid to join 2 elegant pieces, whether skirts or pants, are ideal for the night.

If you have not very firm or toned arms, wear long sleeves or three quarters. To add elegance it is allowed to wear coats that complement the look.

For a night it is ideal to use a clutch or envelope that can have a lot of design for a woman with a creative or modern style, taking into account that it must be proportional to the body.

High or medium heeled shoes in classic or printed designs and of excellent quality.

Leather jackets are accepted as they will give you a fresh, elegant and current look.



A perfect time to take a break, however, does not mean you should lose your style or look fabulous and unkempt to be comfortable, remember “Comfort never fought with elegance”

It is also important to wear clothes that do not pretend that you look like a teenager, printed shirts should not be cartoon or that look childish.

Sports tennis is better to leave for activities that really require it, you can opt for converse, sandals, balets, sleepers, oxford shoes that complement the style more and give you a fresh and sophisticated touch.



They are an excellent complement to each look and at the same time they are the easiest way to give you a current and current air. You can use scarves, pashminas, maxicollars, long necklaces and others to give a unique touch and enhance your image.

Keep in mind that if you have a short neck it is ideal for longer necklaces and tie the scarves or pashminas never close to the neck if not generating a V.

If you want to add a touch of trend, we recommend using the MARSALA (red wine) color of the year.

Avoid ornate makeup so as not to accentuate the expression lines, it is not necessary to use large amounts of makeup, but to do it correctly to have a beautiful and natural look.


Fashion Tips To Choose Your Wardrobe From The 50

If you wonder how to dress after the age of fifty, you are not alone. At some point someone decided that at twenty you have to dress in such a way, at thirty from another, and so on for each decade. I will break a bit with these stereotypes and tell them what works in my experience for every woman, no matter how old she is. To begin, think that you have reached 50 or 60 or more, so you have every right to dress as you please. On the other hand, you sure have adapted your wardrobe to how you look and feel over the years. Here I tell you my fashion tips and then tell me what you think and how you approach the evolution of your style.

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1. Don’t be a slave to fashion.

Age confers character and style. Surely you’ve been acquiring it almost without realizing it. Look at your wardrobe and ask yourself what your personal style is. Do you like to dress formally? Rather casual? Hippy? The way I buy clothes now is that I look at it online or in a store, I try it on, and if I love it from the beginning, then I take it home. If I have to ask a friend or doubt, it is not for me. It may fit another person, but if “I don’t see myself” with it, I discard it. I recommend you do the same, because after all, it is you who has to feel comfortable and at ease.


2. Highlight your attributes and hide your weak points.

If you have long and thin legs, then put a skirt over your knees while it fits you well. On the other hand if your neckline is not what it was and you prefer to hide it, do it. I think they are decisions you make every day. As my body changes I change my wardrobe. That low-cut dress that I loved five years ago now doesn’t make me feel comfortable. So I will buy another one that highlights my arms for example, or whose flight makes me feel ethereal and wonderful.


3. Dress according to your figure and not with your age.

Although I am 51 years old, it turns out that in the United States, where I live, I find it difficult to find clothes of my size in the ladies sections. I am of thin constitution and, well, for clothes to be fine I have to buy in the department of young girls. Naturally I try not to make a fool of myself and buy a tight and transparent top to wear during the day, but I do choose clothes without thinking if they designed it for someone my age or a younger woman. If it fits me well, that’s what matters.


4. Have fun with the accessories.

The simplest clothes can be made stylish by changing accessories. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. They do not need to be gold or silver. Accessories brighten your face and can even boost your mood. You will be musma realizing how you are doing better new styles. When I was very young I loved short necklaces. Now that my neck is losing elasticity, I observe that I have better long necklaces that also distract the view to another point that is NOT the neck.


5. Wear nice and comfortable shoes.

I confess that after punishing my feet with high heels since I was 15 I have inherited my grandmother’s bunions, which I adore with or without bunions. The point is that today luckily there are very beautiful and very comfortable shoes. In that sense I love platforms, because they give you the height without sacrificing comfort. When I go to an event I often wear flat shoes in my bag to change as soon as my feet hurt after wearing high heels for a while. Some brands that I like, Born, Nine West, Clarks, Korkease and Aerosols.



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