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Tips To Keep Your House Clean


Tips To Keep Your House Clean

These are some tricks that I have to keep the house tidy and clean. Starting up all these blow habits can be counterproductive and demotivating. The ideal is to gradually start them up, one by one .

Save your things as soon as you get home (coat, purse, wallet, etc.).

Keep flat surfaces free of objects (tables, desks, countertops …).

Have a place for everything, and put everything in its place immediately.


Make the beds every day.

Pick up before going to sleep and before leaving home .

Clean the shower, toilet and bathroom sink after each use (it only takes a couple of minutes).

Order for 15 minutes every day . Have some time for this and do it quickly. Involve the whole family (you can even do competitions).

Hang the clothes or put them in the basket immediately.


Take out the trash every day.

Keep the sinks clean and bright (wash the dishes immediately, leave the sink clean afterwards).

Have an inbox to put all the papers (post-its, bills, school papers …), and empty it every day .

Every time you prepare tea or coffee, tidy up the kitchen. It’s only a couple of minutes, but it helps keep order.

Pick up the table and wash the dishes right after eating.

Remove all the decorative objects you can.

When you are cooking (and you have something in the oven or on the stove) take the opportunity to clean something (sweep or mop the floor, remove dust, clean the fridge). Be careful not to burn your food!

Do not bring new things home. In any case, use the ” one enters, two leaves” rule: for each object that enters the house, get rid of two.

Reduce your storage space : this way you will accumulate less.

Enthusiasm to keep the house tidy and clean your children and those who live under your roof.

Use as little clothing as possible , such as 33 .

The box one year: Put in a box all those objects that you have doubts about what to do with them. Seal this box and keep it for a year. If during that year you didn’t have to open the box, throw it away without opening it. Surely you will not remember what is in it.

Do you want to know the best tricks to have the house clean and tidy without having to be every two times taking the mocho and wasting time in organizing everything over and over again so that it hardly lasts a couple of days? Surely you are also tired of seeing dust appear in places that you had cleaned nothing ago.

Household cleaning can become a real nightmare if we are unable to remedy it on time. And that we hope you can avoid with this post, giving you a total of 25 tips to clean your home in a short time (do not obsess, since cleaning is excess can be as bad as smoking ). We will go stay by stay , giving you some indications on how you can avoid the effort of having to clean the house thoroughly every so often.

How to keep the house clean and tidy ? Surely this typical situation is familiar to you: you order the house during the weekend, on Monday the order still reigns but as the days go by unfolding clothes appear, fluff on the floor, dishes in the sink, a washing machine pending to put … and a long list of pending tasks. Saturday and Sunday arrives, and instead of resting, you dedicate yourself to tidying up your house. Then you wonder if there is a way to have the house collected . Yes, there is. We are going to give you some tips not to take long to clean the house .

We already anticipate that it is not simple, that it requires an effort on your part to maintain minimums. But by following these tips to pick up your home in a short time you will be able to turn the situation around, making what seems like a heavy and boring routine to become something entertaining and attractive. This will make your home a place you want to reach every day after a long day at work. Because we will recognize it once and for all: very few people like to clean their house but we all like to have a cozy home .

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Nor do we fool ourselves: keeping the house clean and tidy requires dedication, time and continuity over time in order to maintain minimums that make our stay in it as pleasant as possible. Otherwise we run the risk of suffering from Diogenes syndrome, which is why some people accumulate all kinds of objects as well as dirt.

To avoid reaching extreme situations we propose 25 tricks to clean the home , so that the situation does not end up overflowing, we are overwhelmed and do not know where to start tidying the house . Only then can we believe that of Home, sweet home, instead of looking cloudy every time we remember that we have to do housework.

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If we manage to have household chores up to date, we will ensure that every time we enter it, we have the feeling of doing it in a cozy place, where calm reigns and there is peace and tranquility. In addition, keeping the house maintained makes us spend less time each time we clean.

That is why it is important to keep a balance inside the home , not lowering our guard or getting confused at any time by having it get out of hand and when we want to realize there are more and more things in between to collect. To avoid this, nothing better than following these 9 simple tricks to have a clean and tidy house .

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How to keep the room collected

In the morning when you wake up, open the windows to ventilate the room, the pillows and the sheets. After a few minutes, make the bed before leaving. This will stimulate productivity levels and make it harder to get back into it.

Also take the opportunity to clean your bedside table with a handkerchief or a wet valley, so you will help keep germs away from where you rest.

Order and check your closet once a month . Carrying out a frequent review of the garments that we keep in the closet, we will be clearer which are the ones we wear and which are not. In the case of the latter, get them out of there because it is very likely that you will not wear them again.

At night before going to sleep, devote a few minutes of attention to the clothes you have worn that day: some clothes will be for washing and others for storage for subsequent occasions.

Set a day a week to change the sheets . And flip the mattress every 15 days.

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Tips for having a clean bathroom

When you finish taking a shower, remember to spray water in the shower or bathtub with a little soap or cleaning product. This way you will be able to clean it quickly.

Hang the towels on bars or hooks so they dry and you can use them several more times. Ideally, change them once a week.

Have a laundry basket in the bathroom. When it is full, put the washing machine. This way you will avoid two things: on the one hand, that clothes are lost around the house; and on the other hand, accumulate dirty clothes.

Take a hole every day to pick up the bathroom and store products that we use frequently such as the hair comb, shower gel or toothbrush. Once done, make a pass to clean the surfaces.

Clean the toilet every night or every other night with a wet cloth. You will avoid the accumulation of bacteria from day to day as well as make the deeper weekly cleaning less heavy.


Pick up the kitchen in a few steps

Take out the dishwasher or scrub the pending dishes while making the morning coffee.

Every time some liquid falls, try to clean it immediately. It is advisable to get into the habit of cleaning when a surface or furniture gets dirty.

Pour the dishcloths to wash regularly. If they are very worn, throw them away without regrets.

Clean while you cook , so you avoid accumulating an important pile of pots at the end of cooking.

The microwave also requires a cleaning habit. Try to do it after each use.

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Tricks to pick up the dining room

Clean the table where you had lunch or dinner after using it . A good time is to take advantage of the commercials or commercial breaks of our favorite television show or between chapter and chapter of each series to do so.

Take the habit of ordering the sofa and shaking the drawers after being seated.

Use a large box to collect everything in the middle. Then go placing it in the right place.

Sweep or vacuum the cleaner before cleaning the dust, since sweeping is likely to remove dirt and accumulate on furniture.

If you have to run the washing machine inside the house, the dining room is a good place to be a spacious room and does not interrupt the passage. Of course, do not leave the task of picking up the clothes for the next day.



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