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The Best Decorations And Deals For The Holiday Season

The Best Decorations And Deals For The Holiday Season


1. The Best Places/ Stores to find Decorations



On the Internet you can find everything, especially decoration accessories and unique pieces, such as designer lamps , handmade carpets, etc. To stay within your budget, sign up for the private sales websites that specialize in decoration.



This Internet giant offers a great variety in terms of decoration. On its website you can find both wallpaper and building materials, going through decorative objects. It is the ideal place if you already know what you are looking for.



The large surfaces extend their decoration section every year. These spaces offer photo frames, cushions and bedding sets inspired by current trends, such as Scandinavian decoration or vintage style , at a great price.


Low Cost Decoration Stores

Although they are not the stores of your dreams, these types of establishments are perfect to start with the decoration and offer cheap accessories. Choose to buy here basic products such as candles, decorative elements with sand or glass pearls to personalize your decoration.



The Swedish furniture giant also has objects to decorate. It is obviously the ideal place to find Scandinavian decoration at cheap prices. You’ll love sheets, cushions, bedding and kitchen accessories.


Second Hand Markets

The great classic of vintage decoration ! The trails are perfect for finding old furniture or appliances from a few years ago, such as sideboards from the 50s, school desks and antique dressers.


Antique Stores

A little more expensive than markets, antique stores are a shopper’s paradise that knows prices well. It is the perfect place to find beautiful antique furniture, although quite expensive, unfortunately, in addition to vintage accessories, such as closet doors, locks, knobs …



Sometimes we think they are only for art experts, but many everyday items can also be purchased at auctions. You can find old pieces and also modern style.


On The Street

What is better than cheap decoration? The free decoration! Take a walk at night and you will surely find wooden shelves, small furniture, cushions, curtains, etc. They are perfect objects to put on the terrace or to carry out a creative project.



Take advantage when you are on vacation to bring some decorative object. If you go to the other side of the world, buy something beautiful and original, if possible handmade. You can use it to create a bohemian decoration.



This site is a repository of various things related to clothing, fashion, accessories, toys, perfume, glasses, men’s jackets, and other stuff that can make your life more beautiful and convenient.


2. Best Decorated Christmas Houses


For some, Christmas decoration goes far beyond the traditional tree or Bethlehem. These dates are a display of lights, color and brightness! We discover the most impressive decorated Christmas houses.

It is impossible to resist the Christmas spirit that is breathed in these dates. Take hot chocolate, make a trip to the snow with your relatives, place the Christmas tree balls, decorate our house with small details, sing carols … But there are people who raise this spirit to the highest level and decide to dress their home, both outside and inside, with the colors of Christmas.

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If you are looking for a destination with spirit for your Christmas , you definitely have to go to the United States . All the streets and shop windows of any New York store are installed in Christmas decoration in a big way. There the red, the figures and Christmas balls travel all the places even to Times Square. But, there is an area near Brooklyn that has a somewhat more curious Christmas touch.

Decorating the facades of houses in this era is a tradition that you can see in this country more and more, especially in New York City and its surroundings. If you can get away to this city, don’t forget to stop by the Dyker Heights neighborhood. From Thanksgiving this neighborhood that is located to the southeast of Brooklyn between Bay Ridge and Bensonhur maximizes all its Christmas decorations . It is a mandatory visit if you are going to spend several Christmas days in New York City, since here the most spectacular Christmas houses in the world congregate year after year.

Lucy Spata was the first neighbor of the Dyker Heights neighborhood to assemble this dazzling Christmas decoration in 1986. Although at first many neighbors complained due to the large amount of light it emitted, many neighbors joined Lucy’s initiative. In the end, this extravagant decoration has become a tradition for neighbors who spend thousands of dollars every year on new decoration accessories and lights.

The streets are filled with children excited to see these houses full of figures, ornaments, garlands, or a fireplace full of gifts, but especially full of lights that make these decorations in the street something special and dazzling. In addition, all the houses in the neighborhood that participate participate in the contest where the best decorated or original house is rewarded every year. Of course, even if you knock on the doors they did not open you since the entrance is not allowed. We have made a compilation in this gallery with the facades of the most impressive houses we have encountered. Do you want to dazzle yourself with them?


The Chive

As you can see, the lights are undoubtedly the protagonists of this decoration. Candles are not needed here because the stunning lights fill this area with vitality , but we can also find many Christmas details , such as reindeer on the roof, snowmen, many Christmas trees with giant branches or even a Santa Claus bigger than any other house.

Some owners have decided to decorate every corner of the facade and garden, which makes it difficult for us to locate the house, and others have put so much care into their project that they have made their home look like a real gingerbread house. Most houses in the neighborhood have giant doll decorations usually, and there are very varied houses with different themes. These houses are for all tastes, what do you think?

We recommend that you do not go too late in the Dyker Heights neighborhood since the lights go out around 9:00 PM. In addition, you have to take warm clothes because during these holidays the cold squeezes in this area of New York. Even around there are not many shops open because it is a residential neighborhood, so be prepared with some food.

If you have been wanting to see more decorations as spectacular as these, we invite you to take a tour of different cities of the world to know the Christmas lights that adorn its streets. We start!



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