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Top Ten Best And Worse Of 2019

1. The Most Reliable Review Websites


So what’s the large deal about review locations and company reviews? Well, more than 88% of internet shoppers include reviews in their buying choices. To maintain attracting fresh clients, businesses are told to get more feedback on review websites. And, as customers, for almost every transaction we finish, we are constantly being told to leave a review.

Online reviews are no joke (as much as infinite funny and funny reviews are out there). That implies companies need to take note of the top review locations.

Often businesses are afraid of managing customer reviews on business review sites because they don’t want to end up in one of these circumstances:

Unfortunately, as reputation drives conversion, these companies are missing out and hurting their company through inaction. Know more about what management of reputation is here.

In reality, ignoring their internet reviews and social messages is one of the worst things a company can do. If you track the reviews correctly, it can also be simple to recover as easy as it is to create a mistake when managing the online reputation of a business.

While harm will inevitably occur, a company can take measures to mitigate the amount of harm that may occur. Not participating in assisting form the discussion about their business online is the biggest mistake a business can make.

While taking adverse remarks to heart can be simple for a business, recognizing that reviews are positive feedback is essential. As a matter of fact, reviews are precious feedback! They assist a firm gage its efficiency and see how it can enhance. There is always space for enhancement, and even from favorable company feedback, much can be learned.

Businesses can see through reviews which products or services they should boast, which need job, and even find staff rocking at customer service. If we haven’t sold you yet about the significance of internet reviews, perhaps these 50 internet reviews statistics will be available.

In the table below, the United States. Ranking, U.S. percentage. Alexa provides information on traffic and average monthly U.S. traffic (distinctive visitors).

Businesses should endeavor to obtain company feedback on company review websites that are worrying, review pages that individuals know about (and go to) and are comparatively friction-free (consumers ‘ websites are logged in or can easily leave a review).

We wanted to give you another list supported by figures, similar to our Top 100 Online Business Directories list. We like numbers, information, statistics and facts!

No matter what you’re attempting to sell (or purchase), writing excellent internet product reviews is one of the simplest ways to do that and also making money online. In reality, by reading only one to three product reviews, about 92 percent of customers read internet reviews before making a purchase and 40 percent form their view. This makes review writing a key element of all internet marketers ‘ job (including subsidiaries).

Hence, learning the recent lessons in review writing is crucial. You can check out the ultimate guide on how to write product reviews, which I wrote a few weeks ago, but now it needs to be complemented by another section, which is just as essential.

I bet you need not only data on how to write a powerful product review, but also a cheat sheet on the best product review websites that will ensure good organic traffic and strong conversions.

That’s why I combed the internet’s deepest and darkest recesses to find these places for you! Now, I reveal my results so you can have your resources at your fingertips.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or just looking for helpful product review platforms out of curiosity, let me present my ultimate list of product review locations that you may find helpful-sorted by authority and domain rating:

Amazon is the biggest behemoth online. As you likely understand, Amazon is a well-known e-commerce precursor, as well as the first internet platform that allowed product reviews to be submitted back in 1995.

This change has helped clients make more informed buying choices based on real-life tales, genuine product use cases reported by real item consumers. Amazon is still the compulsory source of buyers ‘ data.

If a product is accessible on Amazon, the rule with Amazon Customer Reviews is easy, you will discover product reviews for it. And as the platform provides countless kinds of products, when you distribute your product reviews online, it’s the location to have on your list.

In addition, products are typically assessed with a five-star rating scale apart from a textual evaluation (the description). These stars virtually constitute an item’s average client view.

As a result, the stronger client reviews a product, the more stars appear next to it.

Over 6 million homes across the country are checking Angie’s List reviews to find the finest local service suppliers such as roofers, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, physicians, and dentists.


2. Best places to go Holiday Shopping


When we were kids, when the holidays rolled around, it was like magic was in the air. Twinkling lights, red noses for the reindeer, and the giddiness of what was under the tree was too much for us to sleep. As we get older, the holidays still have a whimsical sense, but for various reasons: the comfort of a warm mug of spiced cider, the excitement of a little mistletoe, and the pleasure of giving the perfect presents.

Of course, showering our loved ones with donations has become a large component of our holiday traditions, but the entire experience has become a little less enchanting with online shopping. Instead of cramming through all your shopping the day before and praying for reliable overnight shipping this year, spread the holiday cheer and begin your gift hunting early in marketplaces and mom and pop stores.

Last year, based on our social media analysis, we brought you 25 of the finest vacation shopping towns, and this year the findings are in again! We scouted more than three million social media posts, most of which were on Twitter, and engaged in local stores and holiday markets discussions. We collected the most buzz-worthy locations from there to determine the vacation shopping spots in 2017–one fortunate town even made the list twice!.

The holidays are coming up rapidly, so organize your poinsettias, turn up ol’ Nat King Cole, and begin to make your lists and check them twice in these festive towns. Looking for inspiration even more? Check out at the end of the article our 2016 list and don’t miss our unique Expedia Holiday Deals-only for a short moment!

You may not have hung the mistletoe or arranged your wreath yet, but to begin working your way through your wish lists is never too early. Truth or Consequences is hosting Small Business Saturday this year on November 23, where you can #shoplocal and register when you spend on participating companies to win awards. Prefer waiting to begin your shopping until December? On December 2-3, the Community Holiday Market and Music Fair and on December 8, the Old-Fashioned Christmas Festival will bring you jingling sleigh bells as you shop.

Come December, it’s going to look like Auburn’s Christmas as the celebrations begin ramping up. Downtown Auburn will be celebrating Christmas Open House on December 8-10, where local stores donate their garland and invite merry shoppers to browse their range and take part in holiday operations. On the same weekend, at the Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center, you will find the Annual Holiday Art Sale, where you can lose track of time as you walk through over 60 artists and pick up treasures for all your friends and family.

If you’re the kind of person who gets more excited about giving than getting, then in Lawrence you’re going to have a ball. On November 19, the sellers at the Holiday Bazaar and on December 2 Holiday Extravaganza will have you to leave with your arms piled high with gifts for your entire crew. During the Winter Wonder Weekend, Lawrence also decks the halls where you can # shopsmall at over 100 local distributors while decorating cookies, observing the Christmas parade and admiring the light displays. What more from the holidays could you want?

‘ Tis the egg nog season and spoil your loved ones. But instead of scrambling at the last minute, at the West Virginia Arts & Crafts Christmas Spectacular, November 10-12, get your holiday shopping done early. You’re bound to cross some unique products off your list with more than 150 exhibitors-and discover some unexpected gems too. Even the shopping sessions can be extended until Small Business Saturday, November 25. Main Street Morgantown will have raffles and a unique visit by Mr. and Mrs. Claus to assist spread the holiday cheer further to encourage everyone to shop locally.

Pensacola understands how to get everyone hyped for the holidays, the only town to grace our list for a second year in a row, fun, fun. The 18-19 November Pensacola Christmas Jewelry and Gift Show is a good place to begin making a dent in your vacation shopping-and perhaps even discover some items you’d like to discover for yourself under the tree. Closer to the holidays, you’ll see downtown transforming into a magical winter playground during Pensacola Winterfest, where the Whos of Whoville can just join you as you browse the local stores and go on vacation trips. Look out for the reindeer games and Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree lot while finalizing your presents—that’s why the holidays make us so giddy!.

Athens has you covered when you’re searching for donations outside the ordinary. On December 2nd, the Indie South Holiday Hooray will tempt you with handmade products and vintage treasures that will have everyone talking about their incredible gift-giving abilities. Then on 14-15 December, Big City Bread Caf’s Athens Holiday Market pulls out all the stops with a night market, bonfires, and even live music. Once you’ve covered everyone on your “nice list,” it’s time to warm up with some hot chocolate and marvel at the beautiful Lights Parade in downtown Athens-this year’s theme is Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!

Do not get your tinsel in a tangle when it comes to shopping for holidays. In Bowling Green you will discover just what you’re looking for. Imagine getting all your shopping completed before Thanksgiving: Girls Day Out sellers take over the Sloan Convention Center on November 18, providing rows and rows of donation concepts. Are you still hunting? At the downtown SoKY Marketplace, you can’t go wrong with the artisan wares — a local gift is always valued. Then with all your gifts wrapped up and ready to go, it’s time to be happy: practice your figure 8 at the Holiday Ice Skating Rink, wave at the floats at the BG Christmas Parade, and decorate your holiday wreath.

We’re in the shopping season. It’s a chore and a headache for some holiday shopping, synonymous with lengthy lines and stunning return policies. Good news for the Grinches: the increase of online retailers such as Amazon and implies you can take care of your donation purchases with a credit card and a laptop from the comfort of your couch.

But the experience of buying gifts for our loved ones (and, let’s face it, ourselves) at brick-and-mortar retailers is irreplaceable for those of us who are filled with the consumerist holiday spirit. Indeed, the crowds on Madison Avenue in New York City and the Miracle Mile in Chicago are clear proof that the shopping trip tradition of December is alive and well. But are these the best areas to spend your winter spree?.

SmartAsset looked at information on the 400 biggest towns in the U.S. to discover the best towns for vacation shopping. We wanted to discover areas where shopping is a pleasant experience during the holidays. Our assessment highlighted sales tax levels in each town, while also incorporating variables such as the amount of shops and each city’s “walkability.” (Read more about our methodology below.)

What better place than Honolulu to spend the holidays? Because of its beaches and tropical weather, the city is an international holiday destination, but if you need a break from the sun, just a few hours of shopping may be the ticket. There’s a lot more to be found than Hawaiian shirts in the malls and shops of Honolulu.

For instance, Ala Moana is an outdoor shopping mall with several department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale, and neighbourhoods like Chinatown have a broad range of smaller shops. Moreover, the overall excise tax of Honolulu (which is comparable to a sales tax but paid directly to the seller) is 4.5% smaller than most sales taxes in the remainder of the nation.

Of course, unless you’re planning to be highly generous this holiday season, it’s not probable that the savings you’ll find shopping in Honolulu will compensate for the round-trip airfare price of getting you there. But if you live or are looking for an excuse to book a journey

Those who are looking for a slightly more wintry location might want to consider the capital of Idaho. In Boise, the holiday season starts with the opening of two farmers ‘ holiday markets in early November and goes through December. Events include a winter window gallery walk, Christmas movies at the Egyptian Theater (including It’s a Wonderful Life-twice) and a Saturday before Christmas free parking day to get into all that last-minute shopping.

Pennsylvania is one of several countries that exempts sales tax from all clothing purchases, which could mean important savings for Steel City shoppers. For instance, if you spend $200 on Chicago clothing, which has lately risen its sales tax rate, the additional price would add up to $20.25.

Taxes, of course, are not the only reason to do your shopping this December in Pittsburgh. With its Peoples Gas Holiday Market (modeled on the German Christkindlmarkt), the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens winter light and garden display, and a gigantic ice rink at PPG Place, the town gets into the holiday atmosphere.

Portland is the place to be for those who really dislike paying sales taxes. There are no state or local sales taxes in Oregon state. Compare that with other West Coast countries: sales tax rates can be as high as 9.5 percent in California and Washington.

Portland has a lot of excellent shopping choices in addition to its 0 percent sales tax. Downtown Portland is home to significant department stores in the historic West End area, including Nordstrom and Macy’s, as well as numerous smaller specialty shops. Then there’s Powell’s City of Books, which spans a full city block and contains more than 1.5 million books, truly a book-lover’s paradise.


3. Worse national chain restaurants to eat


A number of exceptional franchises have been seen in the restaurant chain globe in its moment. For instance, Joe’s Crab Shack and Buffalo Wild Wings have a ton of faithful supporters using them as their place to go. Even Taco Bell and McDonald’s have a relatively faithful client base, alluding to some degree of achievement.

However, as good (or edible) as most of these chains are, some are plainly horrible. There is a certain point where a chain becomes one of the worst restaurant chains ever produced after one too many bad management choices or one too many horrible recipes.

The following restaurant chains are notoriously bad, and may eventually become recognized as the worst restaurant chains in the franchise dining history of the country.

Chi-Chi’s was one of the nation’s fastest-growing restaurant chains during the 1970s and 1980s. However, for one reason this Midwestern restaurant chain only expanded quickly: there were really no Tex-Mex restaurants in the Midwest.

So, it was either Chi-Chi or no Mexican restaurants at all in the Midwest. This implies that Chi-Chi’s was renowned for its mediocrity, even in its pinnacle. Unfortunately, from there it only got worse.

As the restaurant tried to grow into significant towns, management started to realize that the restaurants could not compete with the restaurants in Mexico. Chi-Chi’s would end up being closed every time they opened a restaurant in a town like New York or Miami owing to a lack of company.

Other Mexican chains soon started moving into the Midwest. In a panic, executives reduced food prices -and quality -even more than they were already. Chain branch finally closed after chain branch.

The brand of Chi-Chi ended up whittling down to a few Pennsylvania restaurants and a series of food products.

Chi-Chi’s declared bankruptcy, and they were purchased in hopes of resurgence by another restaurant group. The last franchise restaurants shut down in 2004 after a huge hepatitis A outbreak.

Approximately 660 individuals were infected and many died. Lawsuits bludgeoned them further into the floor and marked their reputation as one of the worst ever built restaurant chains.

Chi-Chi’s, stateside, is little more than a salsa row. However, outside of America, there are still a number of Chi-Chi’s.

Americans have spoken and there are outcomes. They determined their favourite fast-food restaurants and full-service restaurants and replied to three surveys to give their views.

Consumer Reports have been interviewing individuals in America at their least favourite restaurants and fast food chains. The American Customer Satisfaction Index rated general restaurant satisfaction for clients. Finally, a third study, undertaken by Temkin Experience Ratings, asked participants to rate with each business their latest experience. Continue to read to see if you agree with what the participants said.

The burger chain with bottomless fries got last position from the American Customer Satisfaction Index in the full-service restaurant category. The general rating of the chain fell 9 percent from the outcomes of the last study. 26% of Red Robin’s complaints engaged noise, according to Consumer Reports. In addition, the restaurant was dirty at 9 percent of the complaints.

In the American Customer Satisfaction Index study, the colonel dropped nine points below his rival Chick-fil-A. The chain has seen sales rise after struggling since the 1980s-but not enough to gain a top place in client surveys. KFC continues to have issues with confidence and price. Scandals have plagued the brand over the years while prices continue to rise, contributing to poor sales.

I’m biased because one of my favourite restaurants is Texas Roadhouse. The service is always great in my experience, and the saute mushrooms are delicious. But apart from my opinion, Americans don’t like the Roadhouse. According to Consumer Reports, every 38 out of 100 clients complained that Texas Roadhouse was too loud.

Once in my life I visited Joe’s Crab Shack, and that wasn’t a memorable experience (no offense, Joe). Low customer satisfaction and complaints about excess noise and poor service can lead to the closure of many places. But they’re not at least the only restaurant that faces this kind of criticism. “Customer satisfaction with full-service restaurants has dropped 3.7 percent,” states the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Another large name that falls short of fast-food: Burger King. The American Customer Satisfaction Index suggests that all burger-centered restaurants have dropped below the sector average. Burger King is not king of the fast-food industry, according to Temkin Experience Ratings outcomes. BK brought back chicken fries and added hot dogs to its menu in an attempt to boost revenues.

Celebrities appreciate their local Waffle House stopping. But this chain hasn’t even assisted renowned faces. While most individuals complain about a noisy restaurant or below-average waiting staff, there are distinct complaints from Waffle House clients. Most customers of the Waffle House complain about cleanliness. 22% of participants said Waffle House was filthy, according to Consumer Reports.

In the Temkin Experience Ratings, Domino’s did not obtain positive feedback. The business actually got the smallest rating, and the pizza chain was given a “excellent” rating by no survey participants. However, according to CNN, Domino’s has been selling more pizza in latest years.

This 120-location chain features a range of beverages for diners and a big menu of food. But one out of four individuals surveyed by Consumer Reports complain that the atmosphere is excessively noisy, which makes sense to us – it’s a bar technically. However, Bar Louie recruited Stephanie Hoppe last year as her fresh CMO. Hoppe is dedicated to assisting chain struggles to innovate their menus and market for customers.

In the Consumer Reports study, a whopping 33 percent of complaints about Duffy’s Sports Grill engaged excessive amounts of noise. Only 14% had to do with bad service. Yelp reviews, however, tell another tale. Reviewers are offering the establishment positive feedback, giving Duffy’s an average of four stars.


4. Best places to go for self-care

You’ve seen America inaugurating a president over the previous five weeks, marching for women’s rights, protesting an immigration order, and debating a nominee for the Supreme Court. Even if you looked at the news only occasionally, the shock of so many updates might have left you reeling.

This is the time for a self-care holiday, particularly one where displays are not the focus. But it sounds much simpler than it is. “It’s overwhelming to be so technologically linked all the time, as many of us are, and a break is a way to demonstrate yourself some love,” said Miriam Geiser, a travel advisor with KK Travels Worldwide in Chicago who planned customer self-care getaways and took several of her own. “A self-care vacation is about slowing down and taking care of yourself so that at the end you feel really rested mentally and physically,” she said.

A Digital Detox To shed your devices, you don’t have to camp on a distant island. Leave your laptop and iPad at home and use it for emergencies only to lock your cell phone in your hotel room secure. Only the concept of cutting the cord can sometimes lead to anxiety, and the first few hours of such a journey may feel stressful, but Ms. Geiser said that by the second day of their vacation, many of her customers who took digital detox trips reported feeling liberated and peaceful. Suggested destinations: Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California ; and within driving range of any national park.

Painting Away the Pressure You don’t have to be Picasso, but a vacation that incorporates art can stimulate creativity in your everyday lives, says Susan Sparks, a travel consultant at Points of Interest Travel in Aspen, Colo. “Art is a way to express yourself and go beyond your usual spectrum, and it can be very reviving,” she said. Many resorts and spas around the globe are offering art courses in painting, sculpture and collage, varying from a few hours to several days. Suggested destinations: Vik Retreats in Uruguay ; Sundance Mountain Resort in Sundance, Utah ; Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, California.

There is nothing more relaxing than being surrounded by nature, according to Ms. Geiser. Hearing the noise of crashing waves or chirping birds and insects, taking in a beautiful view of a pristine lake, smelling tropical garden flowers or feeling the warmth of the sunlight on your skin stimulates the senses in a beneficial manner and takes you away from the hubbub of your everyday lives. Spend your days on a journey focused on nature, hiking, biking, and walking, or consider kayaking, fishing, biking, or snowshoeing. Suggested locations: Lake Kora in the Adirondack Mountains in Upper New York; Paws Up Resort in Greenough, Mont.; Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia; South Island Minaret Station in New Zealand.

Rather savoring than eating stress food – cooking and eating it – can effectively be a destressor, Ms. Sparks said. “Cooking, even if you’re just doing it for a few hours, shuts off your brain, and at the end, you’ve got a meal you’re putting in your heart and soul,” she said. Weeklong cooking holidays abound around the world. Destinations suggested: Mamma Agata, a cooking school on Italy’s Amalfi Coast ; and Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland. Many hotels also give cooking courses for half- and full-day use.

The Wellness Retreat Route The unique focus of these means they operate frequently. Some retreats are intended to be a lifestyle review with medical experts completing a thorough diagnostic assessment and providing a custom path map to enhance your health. Other programs focus more on detoxes or cleanses, while others are still spiritual in nature, providing yoga or meditation on a regular basis. Regardless of the strategy, you will be refreshed back. Suggested destinations: The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, Calif. ; Golden Door in Escondido, Calif. ; Como Shambala in Bali ; Chabl Resort & Spa in the Yucatn Peninsula of Mexico.


5. Best and worse investing applications

Thanks to a multitude of investment and stock trading applications, you can do just about anything on your mobile these days-including investment. And there’s no way to invest more conveniently than getting the market keys in your pocket or bag.

All brokers on our list of best stock trading brokers have applications of high quality. But if you’re most interested in mobile trading, these seven investment applications – categorized by type of investor.

Scandalously little. You can kick-start an investment portfolio with tiny quantities of cash thanks to micro-investing applications like Acorns and Stash – just your spare change, in reality. Acorns, for example, sweeps a linked credit or debit card account, rounds up purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the change. Stash provides a comparable opt-in function rounding up purchases to deposit cash into the account of a user.

In addition to the micro-investing applications, the quantity of cash you need to start lending after opening your account relies on the resources you plan to purchase. Individual shares range from just as few dollars to hundreds or even thousands of bucks per share. Mutual funds often have a minimum of $1,000 or more, but exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are mainly mutual funds trading like a stock and can often be bought for fewer than many mutual funds. And don’t forget about the associated fees for any acquisition of investment, usually starting at about $5 per trade. Robinhood is an exception to the problem of commissions: all businesses are free. Simply get the cash to buy a single share of the inventory you want.

TradeStation and Interactive Brokers have portable products with attractive characteristics for advanced and active traders, including sophisticated analytical tools on – the-go and complicated trading technology. These brokers also give discounts for volume trading.

E-Trade and TD Ameritrade are our top options for stock traders trading less frequently than day traders. Both of these brokers have portable offers that go a long way to mirror their desktop trading systems.

Traders who above all else position low expenses may also consider Robinhood, our top low cost pick. You can’t beat free trade, which is what is known to Robinhood. And you can start with just the price of a single share of a stock or ETF with its minimum $0. The catch? It’s more bare-bones platform than many of its more traditional rivals.

Acorns and Stash are worthy contestants for your first investment dollars for fresh investors just learning the ropes. One reason is that instead of just individual stocks, their services concentrate on ETFs, although Stash also provides a restricted amount of stocks.

We are dedicated to the best products being researched, tested and recommended. After visiting connections within our content, we may obtain commissions from purchases made. Learn more about the method of our evaluation.

Investment applications are increasing to become one of the top choices for participating in the stock market for fresh investors. And even experienced investors with one of the accessible investment applications can discover possibilities to save cash and enhance their portfolios.

While you used to have to pick up a phone and call a stockbroker to do a business that went with a large commission, you can now pick up your phone and tap your screen a few times to trade for free or at a comparatively small price instantly.

Whether you want to purchase your first inventory or have been doing it for years, consider these top investment and stock market applications that in 2019 and beyond are set to be top performers.

Locksley’s Sir Robin, better known as Robin Hood, became a famous character to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Robinhood is a favourite choice if you like the concept of empowering everyone to enter the stock market.

Robinhood provides free trading in stocks. And “free” does not imply “free, but charges and other expenses.” Trades have zero commission. Just download the app, connect to your bank, fund your account, and you can trade fee-free. You can upgrade to Robinhood Gold for a fee for longer trading hours and margin accounts.

Robinhood is basically a brokerage of no-frills internet inventory. Because they don’t have fancy offices all over the nation, they can operate a reduced price operation and pass the money on to investors like you. Robinhood Gold consumers make money and earn interest on account cash balances.

Acorns is a top option if you don’t want to think a lot about your investments but want to contribute frequently. Link a debit or credit card to the app, and Acorns will “round” your transactions to the next dollar and invest the “spare change” you’d receive if you’d paid in cash. Acorns will automatically invest your resources in one of five professional ETF portfolios.

Accounts with a balance of up to $5,000 pay only $1 a month and accounts with a balance of over $5,000 pay a competitive premium of 0.25%. You can use Acorns for free up to four years from the date of registering for college learners with email.

Current portfolios concentrate on low-cost exchange-traded funds that give you a variety of assets without a huge start-up investment. Here and there are a few bucks that add up, and Acorns makes it simple to spend at low dollar rates.

Stash provides a low-cost technique for building a varied portfolio, similar to Acorns. But where Acorns automatically invests for you, Stash can assist you learn how to create yourself the best investment decisions.



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