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New Beauty Trends From Social Media


1. Top Makeup Artist Gurus on Youtube


Before the existence of YouTube, learning makeup tricks or discovering useful skin care tips was much harder.

In addition to knowing who to ask for beauty and fashion advice, you should also rely on the source of the information. Instead of browsing through thousands of beauty videos on YouTube, you should listen to what the best beauty gurus say about the topic that interests you. The beauty vloggers that we present in this article have millions of subscribers around the world for a good reason.

Zoe is best known for her online pseudonym Zoella. At the end of the same year, her blog had thousands of followers who gave Zoe the idea of starting her own YouTube channel.

In addition to producing informative and captivating beauty tutorials, she also usually uploads videos about food, lifestyle, fashion and travel.

The Rachel Rclbeauty101 YouTube channel has more than 13 million subscribers and, a few years ago, has positioned itself in the number one spot on Zefr’s list of social media influencers and under 21 years old.

Levin began his professional career with a video titled ‘How to Conceal Under Eye Circles’ in 2010 and in the following years his YouTube channel was one of the fastest growing channels in the world.

Unlike many of his followers of YouTube beauty gurus, Jager is a professional makeup artist who frequently presents the work he does in the videos he uploads to his channel.

The YouTube channel of MyLifeAsEva (My life as Eva) was started by Gutowski in 2011 and, during the last seven years, has become increasingly popular. As of June 2018, Eva’s channel had 8.

The California-based beauty youtuber is praised for its entertaining videos that cover a wide variety of topics, from dating tips to step-by-step DIY tutorials. Eva also has a successful acting career, as she has appeared on several television shows and has a YouTube Network program titled “Me and my grandmother.

5 million subscribers and almost half a billion visits. Her fashion style attracts the younger generations mainly, although her makeup tips can be applied by anyone regardless of their age.

In addition to being one of the most influential beauty youtubers on YouTube, Jeffrey Steininger is also a composer, singer, fashion designer and model.

His style may be unorthodox, since it resonates better within a younger and more open-minded audience, but the makeup tips he offers in his videos can be used to get the look you always wanted. 4 million subscribers, demonstrating how popular this Californian really is.

Most of the videos that you can find on Carli’s YouTube channels, the one with the most subscribers are called Carli Bybel, focus on different comments on cosmetic products, makeup tutorials and fashion tips.

Some of his videos have more than one million views, while one of his most popular videos “How to grow eyebrows and eyelashes” has more than 7 million views.

A great idea for a new haircut is hard to come by, which is one of the reasons why the Mindy’s Cute Girls Hairstyles channel is so popular. The idea of creating hairstyles videos came in the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until 2008 that Mindy realized that she wanted to produce vlogs.

His videos provide fast and creative styling solutions that will make any woman look amazing.

Since 2009, Promise has directed its incredibly popular YouTube channel dope2111, which has more than 5 million subscribers. His makeup transformation techniques that he presents in the videos published on his channel have amazed the world.

She had the idea of creating makeup videos after watching the Avatar movie and trying to recreate the look of Naavi.

Beauty and fashion is a subject that many people are interested in obtaining a perfect appearance. Co-consulting and learning from videos on YouTube is an increasingly popular way.


2. New Makeup Trends 2019

2019 is knocking on our door and soon we will have to start a new year, best of all, we can start from scratch and change our style a bit.

If you are a makeup lover then you will understand that next year there are super interesting things, from colors you never imagined, to textures.

These are the makeup trends for 2019



This bright color tone, we can begin to see in some clothes and accessories, but in the same way it reaches our face in shadows and lipsticks that are extremely incredible since it can achieve a fairly fresh and youthful look.

There are millions of eyeliners that you can try with these bright and bright colors.

You can use it for a very bold and sexy night look.



The glow style is for those daring and modern girls who want a unique look, from a gloss to the lips or also an eye shadow.



The eyebrows have been in everyone’s mouth and for this next year they will continue to be a trend, the eyebrows are here to stay.

The abundant and painted eyebrows will continue in 2019.



The eyeliner is the frame for the eye that makes it look much bigger, for that reason the eyelids come a lot this 2019, but now they come with different colors, shapes and styles .

MAC experts have spoken and this is how you are going to make up.

According to the trend report that MAC experts have presented one more season, makeup and fashion are based on two premises this year: attitude and execution. Welcome to a year full of options that are manifested through credibility, relevance, conviction ..

All the values that we present to you are intended to be a reflection of all cultures, genders, generations and lifestyles. A reality that has in turn inspired the catwalk, resulting in countless possibilities in which the rules do not exist. And this, is no longer just a matter of catwalk but also breaks down barriers and reaches the streets through makeup.

This trend aims to review the classics through brown shadows, black eyeliners and lips in blush . Reaffirms the power of elegance, naturalness and subtlety , taking more strength than ever.

Imagine this look as a 90s reference , reinvented . A pure, warm and more metallic version in which the eyes in brown tones are refined and redefined.

On the other hand, metallic tones only give a veil of color to the look. John Stapleton says about it: “A neutral nuance that leads us towards a more reddish tone in our eyes.

During the SS19 guidelines, eye makeup and lipstick were the eternal protagonists.

As for the lips, the inspiration is again the red of the 90s . Lyne Desnoyers says: “The current spirit of the lipstick extrapolates us to a universe of credibility rather than an untouchable and unrealistic perfection.

And about the finish, it doesn’t matter.

The “natural” current has its moment in each season but this time it is updated again as a decidedly strong, useful and ageless inspiration trend for a distinguished look. It is an evolution towards the celebration of individuality.

The idea of “genderless” beauty has been present in the minds of many artists.

The season dictates that the finishes are less pearly this time and the eyebrows are stronger , more direct and thick. Lucia Pieroni recalls that there is still “a strong obsession with freshness. So the skin tends to color with more invisible tones, to illuminate, to leave the spotlight to androgynous eyebrows and an almost imperceptible mascara.

“Beyond what the trends of the last seasons dictate, this time the look is much more polished, wanting to convey more than just a look,” says Miranda Joyce.

“These looks” no makeup “require technique and a micro layer of total coverage. However, the result is almost negligible and gives us that refined feeling.

The healthy look returns , the fresh and young face and slightly ‘sun kissed’ thanks to the tan tones and the blush, which pretend to mimic the effect of the sun..

A sculpted tan, a real blush, a touch of the warmth of the sun. Think of the Amazon look, surfers, athletes or nomads. Think about what summer heat does on your skin. Think also of a soft, relaxed and naturally sculpted look in candy tones .

These new currents with tanning and blushes accentuate individuality, bringing warmth to the face instead of changing the structure of the features.

The tones are surprisingly vivid, although in moderation . For the blush of the cheeks, the color is centered in the middle and low part of them. “In the highest part of the cheekbones it would begin to look like a princess and it is not the result we want to obtain,” warns Lauren Parsons . “A little rouge in the lower part of the cheekbones is more natural.

For a tan look, put the focus on the central panel of the face , including the bridge of the nose.

Polishing the tan layers with a minimalist dose of powders, we intensify the look.

This tan is very different since we added a warmer and more homogeneous tone to the face.

In this trend, the eyes are the protagonists. The focus lies on the most vibrant look.

Although this is not new, that we often see how the course turns into kaleidoscopic airs , each moment takes on a different personality.

It is not easy to forget a stunning eye makeup. It is subversive and challenging. These looks are designed to be remembered, to express and declare.

Wearing eyes in bold colors is now the new contemporary classic.

For Thomas de Kluyver , it is a new way of bringing presence: “I wanted to demonstrate how makeup gives you strength and presence”.

Artistic technique, here, is vital. The nuances and colors made to measure is what keeps this direction chic and absolutely wonderful. “It is important to control the place where more intensity of color is applied, depending on the feeling that the person transmits to you, instead of thinking about the overwhelming of their features,” says Baltasar Gonzlez Pinel . “Exaggerate it to look like theater.

The depth in the eyes has been one of the keys of this season.

Meanwhile, Melissa Gibson believes that “building thin layers of different textures is what makes the color feel alive and evokes us to another planet. For Isamaya French , this color treatment makes the eyes treated as an accessory. “This is fascinating, glamorous and more graphic.

Regardless of whether they are more or less strident, these trends are real. And this is confirmed by Lyne Desnoyers : “Free spirits escaping from the conventional, make up artists are exploring the concepts of the real and the authentic in beauty.

All this technicality is translated in terms of naturalness in that “nothing is superfluous” . For MAC experts, modern beauty should not have to be translated or interpreted. And Terry Barber sums it up: “I don’t think there really is something old or new. There is only good makeup or bad.


3. The Best Fall/Autumn Makeup

We mark the contour of the face again but in a subtle way.

The results of a makeup with a very natural and matte effect are the ones that devastate this new season, but the ‘contouring’ makeup is also added to this trend, which consists in highlighting the cheekbones area in addition to applying a contour effect that allows us to be able to get more luminosity in front and nose.

Another trend is that the skin is also juicy using satin and illuminating bases in gold and bronze tones . The best combination to use them is to apply a metallic bronze to illuminate the warm skins and a silver color for the coldest subtone skins.

Not only strongly returns the trend of makeup ‘smoky eyes’ also known as smoky eyes, but also comes strongly the use of shades that come out of gray or black that usually characterize this type of makeup, to use many shades , from gray to blue;

Eyelash masks are no longer just black.

the delineated can be from black to neon tones.

Also the applications with pebbles or glitter on top of the ‘eyeliner’ will be very fashionable.

If you want to be the first of the class to bring the new makeup trends for this autumn winter 2019 2020, we help you in the attempt with the best summary of what you will be wearing with the best looks and beauty products that can not lack.

Luminous skins without a whit of contouring , different techniques to use your eyeliner , shades in pink or purple and metallic textures with eyebrows from the most powerful to the invisible and spectacular eyelashes are just some of the makeup hits that we will see in the new course .

We tell you to be the coolest of the season and combine them with the looks that come.

One of the first things we love to know when it comes to the new season is what it will take when putting on makeup. Makeup artists have passed sentences on the catwalks and created the most versatile looks and some of them very wearable for this fall winter 2019 2020.


Oscar de la Renta surrenders to the dark red lips in his matte and velvety version to recreate an elegant and successful look for this season.

This season we will see very worked and bright and juicy skins without any extremes when it comes to sculpting the face with contouring because there is no glimpse of this technique that has already gone down in history but immaculate skins and full of light and juiciness, eyes framed with different versions of eyeliner (from the thickest to the finest with black strokes in some cases on the eyelids), eyeshadows in pink, orange or bronze tones and violets and pink lips that will brighten our gray days when it comes to rescue The cosmetics of our cosmetic bag in full color.

But we will also see ultrasoft pastel shadows such as those we have seen in Valentino , the arty eyelashes that transfer us to Twiggy and that we have seen in the Dior parade, Dries Van Noten or Brandon Maxwell, well marked and very graphic eyes like those proposed by the Chanel’s official makeup artist, Lucia Pica or those seen in the Anna Sui parade. But also, the eyebrow makeup triumphs, a true declaration of intentions of the season because they are invisible or very marked.

The Ruth Bell model in the Dior parade for this autumn winter 2019 2020.

Smoked eyes will also have a new life like those we have seen in the proposals of Tom Ford and the lips in shades of berries of the forest or raspberry like those of Salvatore Ferragamo and of course the red lips ( Louis Vuitton ) that decline again in new textures and colors adapting to all skin types.

And of course, in addition to not saving your sun dusts, also get a blush in pink or peach to enhance the tone of your cheeks and combine it with your lips. Is the most!



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