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Tips To Start Your Own Clothes Brand


1. The Process

Once your brand has been defined more clearly and you are getting benefits, you can start focusing on the website and improving the logo. If you spent a lot of time and money on this at the beginning, your ideas could have changed completely at this time and you would have to spend more money and time redesigning everything to adapt it to the current brand image of your clothing company.

If you are seeing many sales in certain designs you can get these screen printed. Screen printing will give you greater profitability, a larger printing area and more color options than DTG, but you will have to pay for everything in advance. Since you already know what designs are selling and what sizes customers buy, it is much less risky to screen their shirts right now. Screen-printed t-shirts will also allow you to sell your t-shirts at fairs and craft events and also sell them wholesale to stores.

Alternative channels for your t-shirt business

Now that you have your website set up, you can search for alternative channels to sell your products. Etsy, Amazon and Ebay are great. They are large online markets where hundreds of products are sold, so it makes no sense to spend money or time on advertising for these markets because customers can go and buy the product of another brand. What these sites provide is another source of income. Try and see if they work for your business.

If you are selling silk-screen printed shirts or other products that you have in stock, there are programs such as stitch labs that keep track of the inventory across all channels. If you are only doing DTG you do not have to track inventory.


Questions That Ask Me

Should I have the registered trademark immediately?

No. Everyone thinks that his ideas and name are going to be stolen, but the reality is that nobody cares or even wants to steal his name or ideas when he starts. Remember to only do what is necessary to make the minimum product viable.

It is just an unnecessary expense at the beginning. You can check if someone is using the name you want. In the future you will not want to know that someone already has the rights of your name. Your ideas can change and your name can change, and if you spend money on getting a brand at the beginning, that’s just money, you could have spent better on something else.


Where Can I Find Designers? has a large community and many more designers publishing on the page, but now not so much. It is still a great place to look at the work of other designers and find one that fits what you are looking for.

You could also try to see designers on sites like and

I would not suggest having a job advertisement trying to find designers. Any designer who is good is not looking for jobs so he is not getting the best in the industry. It is much better to contact a designer directly.

Where to find t-shirts and other clothing?

There are 4 clothing suppliers that sell different brands of t-shirts and other clothing.






2. Is selling t-shirts profitable?

Yes, if you think that you buy a t-shirt for a lower price “1.50 euros” and you can sell it at a much higher price between 10 or 15 euros. You have to consider the imagination when designing and promoting your clothing is an important factor for your clothing brand to succeed. You also have 2 options to make custom t-shirts at home or order custom t-shirts from a company so that you have nothing to do so you would not waste time designing the clothes and you could focus on just selling t-shirts.

Can you sell your shirts without being autonomous in Spain?

Theoretically if you want to create an online clothing store to sell , you must register. It is considered as a commercial activity.

However, in the beginning, it is very difficult to have to pay money for having a t-shirt business that surely will not be visited, let alone generate a lot of income.


3. Other Things To Consider

It is important to know that within the clothing brands we can find different areas, and first of all we must define which sector of the clothing industry we plan to focus on, whether it is male, female, haute couture or children’s clothing. As you can see, choosing which area you are going to channel is one of the easiest tasks.

The ‘ branding’ is like a mirror, everything you are will be reflected in what you decide will be the concept and image of your brand. It is here that everything related to the corporate identity of your firm, your mission, vision, and objective as a company is developed. And it is time to start thinking about which specific sectors your creations are directed, since it is not possible to devise something that everyone likes, it is necessary to discern the client profile you want to address.

Your Business Plan will help you manage your company and in a way that your proposal is profitable, since it will carry out the strategy with which you will enter the market, analyze your competition, organize your work team and define What areas you can cover based on your abilities.

When thinking about placing a clothing brand in the market, it is very important above all to have vision, how far you want your brand to go and spread.



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