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The Best Skirt For Your Body Type | How To Find Right Skirts Sizes For All

Here Is The Best Skirt For Your Body Type

What You Will Learn In This Post

  • 1. What’s The Right Skirt for Petite Women?
  • 2. Skirts Plus-Size Girls Rock
  • 3. Tall: No Problem, Here is a Skirt For You


1. What’s The Right Skirt for Petite Women?

What are the best skirts for petite women ? In my petites shop, I constantly obtain requests about petite pants, and much less about with skirts.

Not really. I suppose most of you know what I ‘m speaking about. They were alike to the train of my wedding dress.

True. However, just that you may pull it on does not believe it looks good on you.

The best skirts for petite women should not just be the shorter version of average size skirts. Okay, address me a perfectionist, but I believe the best skirts for petite women demand to meet the following criteria :.

This is the number one on our list of best skirts for petites. The key of wearing a high waisted skirt is to tuck in your top, so that your legs will observe longer than they are. Another bonus of wearing high waisted skirt is it may also make your stomach observe flat, which is what every body type would appreciate regardless if you are petite or not. Darker color and simple prints or patterns are universally flattering.

When picking out the best skirts for petites, one general guideline for women under 5’4 ” is to go with skirts 3-4 inches above your knee. Because your waistline is significantly lifted by the skirt, you may opt for knee length and your legs will still observe elongated.


Here is a YouTube video that I find very valuable…


A line skirts are on the top list of best skirts for petites because they are universally flattering, regardless of your body type. If you re a petite pear shape who is self conscious about your prominent thighs and hips, A line skirts are your best friend because you do not have to worry about drawing attention to those area. If you are a petite rectangle shape and your goal is to make curves through your outfit, go with A line skirts with ruffles.

Because of the A line shape, if you are wearing a very short skirt and desire to avoid showing your undies, make certain it is a skirt.

This one goes without asserting. If you do not own a lot of them already, please, please add some to your wardrobe.

What is the ideal length for you ? 5 inches above your knee is good.

Pair them with tall boots in the fall and winter for an simple and fashionable look.

Are you petite and do you have rectangle figure ? If so, this article is for you to better know your body type and locate the best skirts and pants for you.

First of all, let’s take a close look at the characters of rectangle figure.

If you are a petite rectangle body shape, your curves are evenly proportioned. Overall, you can come across as ” consecutive up and down ” or “boyish ” type of body, which lacks curves. In fact, slim/athletic rectangular figure have little bone structures, with lower than average body fat percentage. Even if you do lose some weight, you probably still will not identify lots curves around your waist either. In addition, a rectangle body shape may come with wide shoulders and chunky calves, which means you may observe fairly athletic or masculine.

Rectangles are the classic model shape – straight up and down with slim hips, little bum and bust and not much in the way of a waist. If you are already petite, with the rectangle figure, you might observe shorter and/or heavier than you really are. Your main goal should be to make a waist on your figure and add more width to your upper and lower part – transforming your body into a proportionate hourglass shape. For our petite rectangle body shaped beauties, of course you should also aim to observe taller and make your proportion look better, in addition to making curves in your figure.

Focus on girly & flirty skirts that will provide you a feminine shape.

Try A-line styled skirts, especially those with self-belts that you may cinch to make waistline definition or skirts constructed in panels with princess seaming that curves outward from the waistband and inward at the hem to mimic a shapely hip.

Adding dimensions to your frame will also make the illusion of curves for your consecutive up and down shape. Details in skirts will provide you the feminine look needed by your boyish figure. Any trim that has flounce or ruffle is fantabulous, and try to keep the skirt ‘s overall shape close to the body.

Prints are big for petite rectangle beauties.

Since you have straight up and down figure already, generally we do not recommend a plain consecutive pencil skirts to you. Pencil skirts that are stitched down at the side seams add curves, which could be a good choice for you. Locate a good tailor who may make this simple adjustment by narrowing the skirt at the hem. If you ‘re a full-figured short woman, you can desire to pass on this skirt style because it will emphasize hips.

If you have rectangular figure, you probably have astonishing legs. ( Read Best Petite Jeans for Your Body Type ).

You have heard of diamonds are a girls best friends ? Well, dress to short women are just like diamonds ! Regardless of your height, what could be more flattering to a girl than a dress ?.

Not only are dresses versatile, but they have the lengthening effect much needed by short girls. No wonder Salma Hayak, 5’2 ” ( one of our favorite petite celebs ) suggests petite women should have dresses as the base of their wardrobe.

What are the best dresses for petites ? This is the question every short woman should query and acknowledge the answer, but it is often overlooked.

Why ? Many of us short girls believe locating the best pants and jeans is the hardest, but dresses not so much. With pants and jeans, average sizes normally do not fit petites.

Is it, really ? The truth is, locating the best dresses for short women can be harder than you anticipate !.

If you go to the average size department, you can locate what is supposed to be a mini dress might be over your knee, and a average waisted dress might become drop waisted on you.

Even if you go to the petite department, it could still be hard to locate something that flatters you. ( Related article : What is Petite and The Truth about Petite Sizing ).

Locating the right length is just the beginning of the challenge. Certain, more and more brands realize petite sizes are an underserved market and have started to make petite sized clothing.

Do you hope to observe taller and leaner ? Most short women do.

Fit and flare dresses ( also known as a line dresses or skater dresses ) are some of the best dresses for petite women.

The silhouette is commonly flattering because it is form fitting in your upper body ( exactly what we demand as short girls ) but it is also more forgiving for your lower body. They are especially recommended for women who do not desire people to focus on your lower body, such as the pear body type.


2. Skirts Plus-Size Girls Rock

Larger ladies may sometimes avoid skirts at any cost however there really is no need to. How do you wear plus size skirts with different outfits ? What are the latest fashion ideas for curvy women with skirts ? And what lengths should be considered ? What footwear may you wear with skirts ? Well, Outfit Trends is here to bring 20 plus size combinations with a skirt for an ideal look.

These are a safe option for any self-conscious plus size ladies. Plain coloured skirts in pale tones such as lilac, pink, cream and blue will add a gentle look whereas darker colours such as black, navy, grey and brown may give a more bulky image. For the shy ladies out there, choose a flared and full style of skirt that is fitted at the waist. Image(via.

Knee Length Skirts This length of skirt is ideal for plus size ladies. Even with knee length skirts it is ideal to have them fitted around the waist to emphasise your silhouette. Brightly coloured suits may observe ghastly and destroy an otherwise sophisticated look. ).

These really come down to personal preference and confidence as not all addition size ladies will choose a short skirt. Match short skirts with knee or thigh high boots as these will make the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. Image(via ).

To go with your skirt, accessorise with contrasting coloured belts and/or waist cinchers. Why not have a look at the different skirt ideas below and even identify how the celebs do it.


Here is a YouTube video that I find very valuable.


White top with Animal Print Skirt – Curvy women Street Style with Skirt Have a look at our different 12 stylish street style outfits combinations for fat women too.

Skirts for plus size women – these are just regalury skirts that every person with whatever body type uses ! Everyone of this skirts have i seen on “skinny ” persons just as pn “bigger ” persons.

While I agree regular* not regulary. But anyway, quite a few of these are real no-nos. Allow ‘s be honest, “plus size ” is just a PC word for fat. Being overweight only means that science is showing us we ‘re doing something wrong.

As you are not wrong, I’m sure many whom are large size acknowledge this but this is not the time and place for you to assert such things, that is our doctors job and are you our doctor ? No. Your comment is not essential and it does not obtain anyone anywhere or move anyone forward by you asserting that.

Plus Size Denim Skirts Outfits : Fashion trends from the past eras make their appearance time and again and this time the piece of clothing that is going big is : Our beloved denim skirt. It looks perfectly appropriate if you were to wear it to work or any event or party and also gives you the flexibility to wear it during any time of the year, anywhere.

Stripes have been one of the best patterns that have been used time and again by fashion bloggers to make the good intelligent and girl-next-door look. You may always locate such awesome outfits at Old Navy with big bargains beginning from $ 15 ! Also, have a look at these 20 Stunning Skirt Outfits Combinations for Plus Size Ladies.

Craving for something affectionate and cozy ? Match your favorite knitted shirt with a dark denim skirt for a chilly evening and you may never go wrong with this attire.

Who says you can’t carry a fancy or formal look with denim skirts ? You may always wear a denim skirt with a formal and chic blazer for your formal events and even for work.

Planning to take a casual stroll through the park on your own ? This comfy sweater with a denim skirt and dark leggings with boots are the picture of perfection.

Bring on the double positives ! Denim on denim not only looks pretty cool but also the contrasting shades of denim will bring out your figure in the most flattering way.

With embellishments and denim skirt, bring out the 90 ‘s girl in you with the full rage ! This beautiful frayed denim skirt will go well with your bodysuit and bring out your girly side well ! For such beautiful denim pieces, Forever 21 plus is your best bet !.

The winter vibes game is strong with this audacious and hot graphic hoodie and denim skirt ! Style it with a black bag and you are good to go ! Do check out these Top 8 Short Height Plus Size Models Breaking the Stereotypes.

Provide your retro wardrobe a big-time upgrade without breaking the bank with Unique Vintage brand clothing ! We design some of the most delightful retro dresses, skirts, tops, pants and accessories.

There are, actually, many plus size women that are indeed beautiful. A standard black tank dress may go a very long way for a club dress.

Conduct picturesque perfection with Vivien, dears ! A beautiful and refined plus size 1950s style swing skirt that rests high on the natural waist, the Vivien Skirt features a polished dark sage cast in a luxurious smooth and radiant woven fabric.

Wear upscale little business attire that you will identify on websites for plus size work fashion clothing stores. You can not locate work for a fashion model, but you may still have the ability to locate work in different categories, like a print, commercial, glamour, or promotional modeling.

The fashion world has always seen a gap when it comes to work outfit ideas for plus size women.

Summer skirts outfits are way more versatile and a big option for you to bring your cool style even on really hot days.

It ‘s all in what type of details you choose. Avoid details that stretch horizontally.

Another significant factor in observing big in a skirt is to select the right hemline that show your legs as the wrong ones may make your legs appear stubby. Mini ‘s, knee length and long hemlines ( extend past your ankle knuckle or falls above your ankles ) will observe big on you.

In this way, you ‘ll acknowledge what type of skirts complement your figure.

On the other hand, if you have curvy hips and thighs you ‘ll already acknowledge that you demand something dark and solid colored to slim down your bottom half.

Curves are hot, but you demand to make certain you observe good with them.

You do not have to hide them but if you desire to observe your best, you demand to make certain your proportions are balanced and that you ‘ve got the curves on all the right places.

Your main focus when buying womens plus size clothing is to make a trimmer silhouette that makes the eye go up and down, instead of side to side.

For this you demand to pay attention to what details you place on your body frame and how you combine the colors of your outfit.

Compared to petites you have more space to work with and you may handle bigger details, however, it ‘s extremely significant that you select details that are scaled to your body size.

But on the other hand, you may strategically place on a couple of additional necklace layers to make a fuller look that complements your body scale.

Your bra is especially significant – it has to fit to keep your bust up and eliminate unevenness in your silhouette that will only distract the eye.

The first thing you demand to do before shopping for women’s plus clothing is to take a close look at the contours and proportions of your body figure.

Plus size is not a category by itself. For example, you might have wider shoulders compared to your hips, while your girlfriend who is also a plus size has wider hips than shoulders.

So before you proceed interpreting the fashion advice and styling tricks I ‘m about to share with you, I recommend that you check out the Guide to How to Dress Your Body Shape.

By acknowledging what body shape you have, you ‘ll be capable to make the decision where and how to correctly place clothes and accessories, to make curves on the right places so that you ‘ll make any prominent body part less apparent, but still keep your waist defined to aid you observe trim.

You may locate a wide variety of fashionable women’s skirts, from minis to flowy gypsy maxis, denim to wool skirts.

The right skirt style is crucial to maximizing your leg line and make your legs observe their best.

But if you ‘re legs are on the shorter side then the advice on this page may aid you select the best skirts that complement them.

The right skirt style is crucial to maximizing your leg line and make your legs observe their best.

But if you ‘re legs are on the shorter side then the advice on this page may aid you select the best skirts that complement them.

A pencil skirt looks universally flattering on most body figures. It ‘s definitely one of my favorite closet pieces.

A pencil skirt looks universally flattering on most body figures. It ‘s definitely one of my favorite closet pieces.

For a less dressy look – we also have the denim skirt which goes big with most of your casual spring and summer sweaters, tops and blouses.

After securing the skirt in black, construct your skirt drawer with solid neutrals such as dark navy blue, charcoal to mid-grey, dark browns and greens.

Now talking of prints and details – choose a skirt interest with care.

For example, a high waist skirt may shorten your torso. And the list goes on.

The best length hits you at the knee or shorter. Keep this in mind if you ‘re Petite.

If you ‘re an Apple body shape you can demand to opt for a longer skirt, but if you ‘re a petite Apple I recommend raising your height with high heels.

If an occasion or setting requires you to wear something longer – add an additional inch to your heels to counter the frumpy effect. Also make certain that the skirt is snug around the hips and the upper thighs to maintain a streamline silhouette.


3. Tall: No Problem, Here is a Skirt For You

Biology graced you with long legs, but unfortunately those legs didn’t come with a manual. When choosing a skirt, think two things : age and purpose.

Locating the best skirt length and the most flattering skirt length is all about picking the right shape for your figure, and one that feels appropriate for the venue, whether that ‘s a meeting at work or you best friend ‘s birthday party.

If you ‘re still living it up in high school or college ( lucky you ), play around with skirt length and try everything from the very short mini-skirt to the very long maxi dress-yes, you may pull off just about any length you choose. But keep this in mind : Even though you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to your skirts, keep it conservative for job interviews or formal educational or professional banquets.

Tall women may observe quite stunning in a long, flowing skirt. If your heart ‘s set on a long skirt for a beach vacation or a formal event, you can demand to order a skirt from a specialty shop that may then alter the length for you.


Here is a YouTube video that I find very valuable.


When tall women are observing for work attire, they may come across some problems. ” I have spent much of my life wearing ‘what fits ‘ rather than clothes I like. “.

Whether you work for someone else or yourself, below are some of the best work clothes for tall women, with a few top style tips for taller women along the way.

If you ‘re tall, the biggest struggle is with pants. Stylist and blogger, Katie McCullin, says she advise that her tall clients to invest in the “long ” option. Pay the money. “.

Wondering how long your pants should be ? It ‘s deserving deciding if you plan on wearing the pants with heels or not before choosing the length. If they hit at the ankle, they ‘re too short.

Then again, skinny pants and cropped trousers are trendy, too. You won’t have to be concerned with additional length or limitations with heels.

Being tall usually means you have long limbs, adding long arms. Long Tall Sally has many clothing options for taller women, adding matching pantsuits and separates.

Desire to try something else ? McCullin adds an attractive idea if you desire to try a average blazer : ” If you ‘re running into a problem with locating one with sleeves that fit, cuffing or rolling the blazer to 3/4 sleeve is completely satisfactory. “.

If you ‘re tall, skirts may be tricky. If your work environment is more conservative or corporate, observe for a pencil skirt in a tall size that hits just above the knee.

Another big length for tall women is the midi skirt.

If you ‘re tall and also wear a larger shoe size, work shoes may be an ordeal to locate. Choose a heel height that works with your pant length and personal comfort.

And recall, if you do not desire the additional height, you do not have to wear heels to observe stylish at work.

The pleated skirt trend is one you definitely wo n’t desire to miss this season. Because we like this pretty, pleated trend, we ‘ve rounded up our favorite pleated skirt outfits from street style, to provide you ideas for how to wear a pleated skirt now, for so many different occasions.

Wearing a pencil skirt with a blazer ? Obviously fashionable. So why not skip the little black dress for your next evening out, and place together a fresh, fashionable outfit in a colorful pleated skirt and a matching top, with a long striped jacket or cardigan layered over top, as pictured here.

Styling Tip : White accessories, such as the purse and ankle boots worn by this street style influencer, are a fresh choice when your outfit is already colorful, and they experience fresher than black for summertime.

Pastels are a big fashion trend this season and a pretty, pale pink pleated skirt could be easily matched with a white or black top.

Styling Tip : To take an outfit in pastels from sweet to sophisticated, pay attention to your accessories.

French girls ( and fashion editors worldwide ) acknowledge that true style often involves contrast. Pleated skirts are feminine by nature, so they ‘re perfectly suited to matching up with boy-inspired tops.

Styling Tip : When you mix girlish and boyish pieces in the same outfit, you ‘ll always observe stylish by keeping your accessories on the feminine side.

You can believe of the long pleated skirt as a frilly, feminine style. This outfit would work for so many occasions, from creative job interviews and client presentations, to art gallery hopping and cocktail events.

Styling Tip : Adding a pop of color to an all-black outfit is not only fashionable-it may be your face ‘s best friend.

Wearing red and pink together was once considered a fashion do not. Here ‘s how to wear the pink and red trend with a pleated skirt, by matching a long red skirt with an simple cotton top in candy pink.

Styling Tip : Pink and red together are a lot of color-so do not confuse your look by adding more.

The pencil skirt is one of the most timeless silhouettes in fashion – and with a good reason. With a tucked-in shirt or belted jacket, the pencil skirt gives you a long, lean line.

A black pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple, and may be worn with everything from a matching jacket for a suit look to a slinky camisole for a night out.

One of the freshest ways to wear the pencil skirt is with a peplum top or jacket. This look is good for making a waist on a boyish figure or slimming a full waist.

One of the most ladylike ways to wear the pencil skirt is to pair it with a feminine blouse. Florals and other pretty prints also work with the pencil skirt. Add conventional accessories – like pearls – for a can’t-fail feminine look.

Try a skirt in one color with a top in another complementary hue for a common – but cool – approach to colorblocking. The common lines and classic shape of the pencil skirt allow you experiment with it more than a funkier skirt with more design details, so it ‘s good for mixing it up, colorwise.

While many women associate pencil skirts with office wear, you may easily dress down this wardrobe workhorse for the weekend. Dress up a plain tee and pencil skirt with a statement necklace, or opt for a graphic print t-shirt for a funkier look.

Spoiler alert : Crop tops are back ! This time around the crops are more sophisticated than their 90s predecessors though, do not worry. Create a look that is equal parts sexy and chic by pairing a crop top with a longer pencil skirt.

Been desiring to try a leather skirt ? Skip the flippy leather or skater skirts and opt for something flattering and chic like a leather pencil skirt.

This option is big for fall, and may easily transition to winter with tights the right accessories.

If you ‘re observing to make a statement in the office ( or just demand a fun, colorful update ), try a pencil skirt in a bright, affluent color like robin ‘s egg blue.

We like the price-point at ASOS and this midi-length leather pencil skirt is just the thing to shake up your fall wardrobe without breaking the bank.

While we agree that fashion should be about expressing yourself and wearing whatever makes you experience good, when you ‘re trying to make the decision what to wear, purchase, borrow, or invest in, it helps to acknowledge what works best with your body. On that note, today we ‘ve narrowed down the most flattering skirt styles and lengths for your height. But if you ‘re stuck trying to make the decision between a few silhouettes, you might desire to keep this guide in mind.

As far as miniskirts go, an on-trend A-line version is a good choice if you ‘re petite.

A skirt with slits is the good choice for a petite person who wants to wear a longer skirt style.

If you ‘re observing to wear a pencil skirt, a midi length will not only observe the most present, but it ‘s also super flattering, making an instant hourglass shape.

A hard-to-pull-off fluted hem won’t overwhelm you ( as it may on those who are more petite ).

Thanks to your long legs, any style of midi skirt will observe big on you.

Maxi skirts are not only well-suited to taller girls, but they also observe insanely chic.

As far as miniskirts go, if you ‘re on the taller side, the best type would be a classic straight-cut style.


Detailed Helpful Size Charts


1. Outerwear & Tops size guide

Size UK US EU/IT Bust Natural Waist Hip Overarm
XXS 4 2 36 78 60 86 75
XS 6 4 38 82 64 90 76.5
S 8 6 40 86 68 94 78
M 10 8 42 90 72 98 79.5
XL 14 12 46 98 80 106 81.5
XXL 16 14 48 102 84 110 82.5


2. Trousers

Size UK US EU/IT Bust Natural Waist Hip Overarm
XXS 4 2 36 30.75 23.5 33.75 29.5
XS 6 4 38 32.25 25 35.5 30
S 8 6 40 33.75 26.75 37 30.75
M 10 8 42 35.5 28.25 38.5 31.25
L 12 10 44 37 30 40 31.5
XL 14 12 46 38.5 31.5 41.75 32
XXL 16 14 48 40 33 43.25 32.5


3. Jeans

 Size UK US EU/IT Low Waist Hip Inner Leg
XXS 4 2 36 74 86 81
XS 6 4 38 78 90 82
S 8 6 40 82 94 83
M 10 8 42 86 98 84
L 12 10 44 90 102 85
XL 14 12 46 94 106 86
XXL 16 14 48 98 110 87


4. Dresses & Skirts

 Size UK US EU/IT Low Waist Hip Inner Leg
XXS 4 2 36 29 33.75 31.75
XS 6 4 38 30.75 35.5 32.25
S 8 6 40 32.25 37 32.5
M 10 8 42 33.75 38.5 33
L 12 10 44 35.5 40 33.5
XL 14 12 46 37 41.75 33.75
XXL 16 14 48 38.5 43.25 34.25



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