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Why It is Important to Accessorize? Complete Accessorizing Tips & DIY

Here’s Why It is Important to Accessorize


What You Will Learn In This Post


  • 1. Accessorizing for Work
  • 2. How to Accessorize for Formal Evening Events
  • 3. Accessorize For Your Skin Tone


Clothes may constitute the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more important than you think. You may spend the same amount of time buying accessories as clothes, and rightly so. As Giorgio Armani once said, “accessories are important and they become increasingly important every day.”

You can also look at an iconic fashion icon like Iris Apfel, who is known to say things about the importance of accessories such as, “My mother knew that if she bought a pair of really good architectural outfits and put her money on accessories, I could create a million different looks; she showed it to me, which I think was invaluable. ”

Accessories and clothing have the same meaning in an outfit, working together to create a set that expresses your style and who you are.

Like clothes, certain accessories are appropriate for certain occasions. Essentially, you can wear a basic garment from one occasion to another simply by focusing on the accessories.

For example, let’s take a really basic outfit: a buttoned white shirt and a pair of skinny jeans with a straight leg in a dark denim wash. Using accessories and accessories only, you can wear this standard outfit through three different occasions.

As you can see, you can easily wear the same outfit for three different occasions. It’s about choosing the right accessories.

Accessories further emphasize your personal style, taste and preferences. They also present endless opportunities for outfits, helping you get the best out of each of your articles. Clothes can physically take up more space in your closet and outfit, but accessories are the important details needed to complete each look.


1. Accessorizing for Work


When it comes to workplace fashion, women face an uphill battle. We want to look sexy, but we also understand that looking professional and conservative is crucial. This often generates some confusion as to how to customize the sets correctly.Dressing for work can sometimes seem like a daily challenge with a passing or failing grade. Use something too bland and you’ll be another “plain Jane” in the office. But use something too different and will send the wrong statement.

Luckily, getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be a challenge. Keep the fundamental components simple and conservative, but then have some fun with the accessories. The correct accessories can make an ordinary outfit look amazing.

The general rule number one to customize in the workplace is that less is more. The last thing you want is to get too much attention. Stay with just a couple of elements and make a powerful statement without overwhelming people.

Many women stay away from statement pieces in the workplace, but don’t rush to discard a good piece just because it stands out. Take an elegant cocktail ring as an example.

“Every jewelry collection needs at least one cocktail ring,” believes the staff at Estate Diamond Jewelry. “Once strictly reserved for formal events, the eye-catching gemstone cocktail rings have become a popular fashion statement that pays homage to a bygone era. Equally at home combined with a black dress or pair of jeans, the rings Cocktails are surprisingly versatile. ”

A pretty necklace can also work wonders with a simple blouse or elegant pantsuit. The key is to continue with a simple outfit and let the statement speak for itself.

When dressing, a large bracelet or a large bracelet may look good, but you should think about things from a functional perspective. Large bracelets make arm movement difficult and make a racket when writing and perform other basic work functions. Think about this and proceed with caution. It is often better to keep an elegant and classy wristwatch. You will get style and sophistication without unwanted distraction.

Believe it or not, the bag you take with you to work makes a strong statement about your intentions. While it is tempting to carry a fashion bag or purse, this is an opportunity to show your professional side. A simple handbag or a leather case with hard angles can do a better job of delivering the message you expect to convey.

Basic grays, blacks, whites and beiges still govern work fashion. This does not mean that the color is bad, but do not overdo it. When selecting colored accessories for your outfit, never go with more than a “pop.” The goal should be to add a touch to your outfit, not overwhelm it.

If you have a dress code in your office, business professionals can be difficult to make elegant. While blazers and buttons may not be the most exciting outfit, there are ways to add some dynamism to your look without breaking the dress code. Simple accessories can make a big difference and can rescue us from the gray and white well that surrounds our cabinets.

The best part of having a wide range of accessories is that you can wear the same outfit several times in a week, but customize them to make them look different. Whether it’s a pair of funny earrings or a thick necklace, these are our favorite work accessories!


The following information will help you get a better understanding from a different perspective:


A Guys Guide to Accessorizing

From Visually


Every time you start getting fed up with your everyday outfits, you don’t need to start from scratch. Those essential elements of the closet are supposed to live in your closet for a long time. But the most reliable commodities are also some of the most basic: the little black dress, the white shirt, the jeans. They are blank canvases in which you can project your mood, your favorite trend or your aesthetic of the moment. All you need is the right accessories.

The most basic outfits can be completely transformed with the help of some key accessories. You can use your LBD to work with red block heel pumps and then have lunch with a playful bag of beads; his beloved sweats and denim combined with snake skin mules for a meeting and with slides to run errands.


2. How to Accessorize Formal for Evening Events

No matter what length of dress you choose, you will want to make sure that your accessories are the same in a formal and striking way. I tend to wear classic accessories that include large earrings, such as pearls or diamonds, a simple and delicate bracelet and, if necessary, a small diamond necklace. I take a less focus is more with my jewelry and let the dress speak. However, I don’t stop there, I select the perfect bag and shoe to complete the look. Purses and shoes are items that can be collected over time. When I see a good dress shoe or an evening bag, I buy it, whether I’m in the market or not. They usually reserve these items for special occasions, so they don’t have a diary and last a little longer.

One of my biggest hobbies is when women show up at a formal event without a suitable evening bag. You spent all that time putting together the perfect outfit and you are not going to select the perfect bag. Always hold a wallet or evening bag. It is quite easy to invest in good night bags over the years and they will last forever. I have three go bags; a black satin handbag with rhinestone clasp closure, a silver sequined handbag and a white rhinestones handbag with beads. These three options almost always go with any dress I wear. In fact, he had these bags for years and I bought two of them in Banana Republic, in super sales. I wasted the white beaded clutch, but it was for my wedding, so it’s also sentimental. Looking for a good night bag can happen at any time, when you find something classic and like to buy it, you will appreciate it later.


Here is a video that I find very valuable



The same applies to shoes, I have some shoes to go in black and gray in a couple of different styles. Shoes are harder than bags, sometimes you need a toe while other times you need a number of strips. Try to select shoes that are a bit more versatile, make sure they are semi comfortable and definitely make sure you can walk with them. We’ve all been there, we found the cutest shoes, but we can’t walk with them. Take it from an expert, sometimes you need to give up the cutest shoe to make sure you can walk, there will always be a shoe that meets the appearance and comfort. And use the word comfort lightly, however, it’s okay to feel a little awkward at times.The final piece you need for your black tie attire is confidence, stay upright, take pride and wear what you have decided to wear. Having the attitude of supporting your look is as important as the look. Also have fun, dressing to support your favorite cause is always in fashion.

Both fine jewelry and jewelry are impressive accessories for the night and can be combined with any type of dress or gown. First, reduce your jewelry selection by color and type of metal. If your dress is a solid color, choose multicolored pieces that include the tone of your dress. Stick to a stone, such as diamonds, and a metal if your dress is printed. Once you have chosen yellow or white gold and the type of gemstones to use, choose a statement piece. Try a short necklace with jewels to show a low neckline or a thick bracelet with a sleeveless dress. Pull the hair back to display striking earrings.


3. Accessorize For Your Skin Tone



Gold accessories are literally everywhere. You may have seen how modern they are now, but have you wondered which accessory color suits you best?

How many times have you seen two celebrities, for example, use the same accessory, but actually complementary to each other? That really has an explanation. Today, we bring you a summary guide on how to choose the accessory that best suits your skin color. Here is every skin tone and the best for him:

People with this skin color should stay away from the golden tones that have redness. Silver or white gold combines best with this skin color.

This skin tone can use silver or white gold. These choices will make your skin shine. A girl with this skin color should stay away from great designs.


Here is a video that I find very valuable



A girl with that skin tone is lucky! This is because their skin tone matches almost all colors and sizes of accessories! You can go for a huge pair of gold earrings, or choose a minimal silver necklace!

A girl with that skin tone should stay away from copper accessories. Apart from that, she can use any accessory she wants.

It is strongly recommended that people with yellow shades, such as Asian skin tones, wear rose gold accessories. Classic models and designs are also better suited to them.

The key to the success of any aspect is to join the pieces correctly. This refers to absolutely everything, from clothing to makeup accents, hair tones and jewelry. Yes, jewelry! This is the next most significant aspect of an aspect that should be considered, especially if we discuss the principles of combining jewelry with skin tone. Some people argue that jewelry is neutral and can be combined with any skin tone without worries or problems. Still, we believe there are some principles to follow when choosing jewelry for you.

The first thing to remember about jewelry is that they should be very comfortable and easy to wear.

To avoid a fogged appearance, you should keep the jewelry away from the water. You may think about applying a light coat of clear nail polish to your jewelry to improve its longevity.

Always follow your body’s reaction to the jewelry you are wearing, as some people may have allergic reactions to some types of jewelry.

First, to match the jewelry with your skin tone, you need to know your skin tone. To do this, you need a clean face, so wash all your makeup and apply the usual moisturizer. After waiting 15 minutes, look in the mirror. Having natural light is also useful. To discover the exact tone of your skin, you must hold a piece of pure white paper on your face. If some pink accents appear on the paper, then it has cooler nuances, and if the tone you see on the paper is yellowish, its nuances are warm.

It combines warm nuances with warmer colors such as red, orange, coral and gold. Combine the coldest nuances with silver, blue and green. As a general rule, there is a close connection between skin tone, eye tone and hair color. Therefore, this should also be taken into account when choosing jewelry.

When choosing earrings, you should pay attention to the pendant or pendant types to visually lengthen the face.

As for the necklaces, the chokers will be the most ideal accessory to contrast and soften the sharpness of the chin.

Short and round are the ways to choose the earrings, to create a certain contrast between their shapes and that of the face.

Bear in mind that skin tone is not the same as skin color. Skin color (the overtone) is affected by the environment and is the surface layer of the skin. For example, when you get sun-burnt your skin color will change to a deeper shade. The skin tone (the undertone), however, remains the same regardless of the environment. It can be traced to your ethnicity and biological make up (consisting of the amount of melanin, or pigment).

There are three main skin tones: warm, neutral and cold, and many ways to determine your particular tone. One of the easiest ways is to observe the veins of the wrist. If they look blue or purple, it is likely to have a cold tone, while greenish veins mean that it has a warm skin tone. If you cannot determine if they are green or blue, then you probably have a neutral skin tone. Just remember to check under natural light.

Knowing your season type will help you to delve a little further into the colors that match you best which can be used when selecting clothes, accessories and jewelry.

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